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Simply Stuff 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Today's Topic? d'Uccles and just stuff

Some months ago my friend, Jaynie, gave me a pair of mottled d'Uccles. Little D's as we call them. There is a black male, named Shoester and his blue mate Prissy. Jaynie kept telling me how adorable these little guys are. How entertaining they can be.

So I have a pair of little D's and she was so right. They are everything she said and more. Even the hubs, who thinks I'm nuts, likes them. 

Priss has decided she wants to set on some eggs. So that's where she spends most of her day. In the afternoon its time for a break and she stands at her door jump/flapping straight up in the air to let her wishes be known. I open her door and she makes a bee line for her destination, the first day was the sand pile for a good dust bath. Yesterday it was to the mud holes I made for the chickens to keep cool in.

She started making all these sounds of utter delight running from one mud hole to another. She was so vocal about it all the birds out free ranging came running thinking that I was there with goodies. They gathered around her and studied what it was she had that they didn't and once they figured out it was just mud they all looked at me like it was my fault.

In a couple of weeks I'll get to see what kind of Momma she is and not long after that we'll have a whole passle of little D's to keep us entertained.

The stuff? The stuff is the heat. Its bad here. The Silkies are up in their coop with the AC on. Remember the mud holes? I turn the sprinkler on, it helps cool the air a bit while on but the more important thing is the wet ground, the water puddles and the eventual mud. Its gone a long way in helping the birds keep cooler. 

The only birds I have confined are the Silkies but they have AC, the others all have the opportunity to find spots to spend time in an effort to remain cool. 

Its time to go out and do my rounds once again. Its also getting close to that time of day that Prissy is ready for her afteroon break. Keep your birds cool by any means that works for you and remember to keep the human well hydrated too.

12:21 pm cdt 

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Something Different

Normally this would be about the farm, the animals and the birds. Tonight I want to say something that I think is important for our country and its citizens.

Its becoming more and more evident that our elected officials can not or will not take the steps necessary to put the people back to work that elected them. So its time for us to do it for ourselves. 

The fact that incumbents are in for a rough road come election time is finally out there but its not enough to fire them. The citizens of this country need to become more serious about all of the crap made in China that is coming to our country.

I've been paying attention for about two years now as more and more the China creep as gained footing in our stores. Even the higher end stores now sell only products coming predominately out of China. Enough.

When you see that made in China on the box put it back. Make a point of notifiying the store and the manufacturer why it remained on the shelf. Contact your elected officials and let them know how displeased you are that so many Americans are unemployed because of the outsourcing. Let them know that unless something is done to bring the jobs back within our borders be very concerned for their own jobs come election time.

Let's make an impact. I've been trying for a couple of years now but more voices being heard will have a bigger impact.

Thanks for taking the time to give my words some serious thought. Robin




4:33 pm cdt 

Monday, March 29, 2010

Wild Life Continued

Yes, its more about the wildlife that keeps us entertained. We are not new to living in the country but its something about this place that allows us to watch them in all their glory.

We still have the herd of does with their young ones. A few days ago we got up and as the sun began to brighten we saw all seven laying about 250 feet from the house in the field. Not under cover but out in the open. 

That same day we watched them walk through the flock of Guineas without the Guineas taking umbrage at the interlopers. But something changed in the afternoon because the Guineas decided they didn't want them in their field and sent them on their way. Of course that only lasted a short time and they were back.

This morning we watched as a couple of Canadian Geese followed them around for a while. Then one of the does turned around and walked them back to the pond. 

Early last week we watched a Bald Eagle down at the big pond as it fed on a catfish that it had caught out of the pond. We've seen him/her several times since then so just maybe the bird is nesting near by.

The Silkies are maturing rapidly now that Spring is here. I've been scrambling to find temporary quarters for those boys that realize they are little men. The lavenders are growing like weeds. The girls are over their break and have begun laying again. 

Last week five little Dutch babies hatched. Of course we got chilly again and have rained like mad so they have a few days before I'll open their door to let them out to experience the world. In the mean time I'm constantly checking the waterer and feeder since the Mom's keep burying them in shavings.

Well, the sun is up nice and bright. Time to go let the feathered ones out to soak some of it up.



8:01 am cdt 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wild Life

Now that the back has been broken on the drought of the past several years the population explosion of wild life is amazing.

 All Winter we had tremendous numbers of Blue Jays. For the first time in the years we've lived here we began to see Pilated Woodpeckers.

We have a doe who has raised her yearly fawns in our lower field. We've watched her babes go from scrawny unstable adorable babes to bounding, playing teenagers. As the Winter progressed we watched as she had other join her and her babe. We went from just her but these days just as the sun comes up we watch as seven deer step out to graze.

We have a quasi resident Blue Heron now too. He/she flies in every afternoon to the big pond in the lower field. Two days ago we watched it actually catch a fish and the proceed to make a meal of it.

On the domestic bird front; today I recieved a pair of lavender Silkies that I'm very excited about. They are still young but already the potential can be seen for what they will eventually grow out to.

I've reduced numbers again to make space for the new hatching season. I'm fairly pleased with some of what is hatching with these new breeding pairs. 

It is close to time to go tuck the birds in and to begin watching for our deer herd to begin their nightly routine so I guess I should get out there.

But before I go I have to say this, I am so relieved that Spring is closer than ever. Like so many others I'm beyond done with Winter and need to see the sun.



3:43 pm cst 

Monday, January 18, 2010

Rain and Sun

Its a lovely day today. Got a few pics of the last few peeps and posted those. The sun is shining after a full day of rain. We went from rock hard, frozen ground to sloppy wet mud. But its so much nicer with the warmth.

The birds have been allowed a ton more outside time. Not sure how that makes them feel but it makes me feel virtuous that they can spend some time playing in the mud. Several of them will be a mess when they're done but at least they got to play in it.

The Faverolles and the d'Uccles are laying. The two LF egg layers have not missed a beat although I have during the cold weather. I have Silkie girls sitting on nests. That's not really surprising given that they are Silkies. 

Its best I get outside and accomplish some more mud slopping. We have to grab this wonderful weather every time it comes around.



1:28 pm cst 

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