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The Big Pond


One of my wonderful little girls.

Its now been several years since we moved here to Tennessee. A lot has happened to improve the property, new coops built, new breeds added. New directions taken in many ways. Our numbers have changed a couple of times where the dogs and cats and birds are concerned. 
There has been excitement in the past two years during the drought causing grass fires, something I thought we had left behind when we left the N. GA. Mtns. Guess not.
I still have a passion for my Silkies and still spend too much time fussing with them. The addition of the Faverolles and d'Uccles has diverted some of my attention but the Silkies still rule. They are still the ones with the heat & AC in their coop. 

My Goals
  • To maintain the highest quality standards in my birds.
  • To breed healthy strong birds. 
  • To continue enjoying them as much as the first day they arrived.

My birds are NPIP certified.